The halal certified Australian Army

First there were the rumours.

Soldiers based at Puckapunyal were told that halal ration packs were on the way. That was about a year ago.

Then came the facts.

Documents obtained via FOI reveal that on 23 September, 2015, a minute was sent to the Deputy Chief of Army. It requested his endorsement of ‘R222018658 ADF Combat Ration Pack User Requirement’.

The request sat on Major General Rick Burr’s desk for a week.

Then, on 30 September, 2015, he lifted his pen and placed his signature on page 8. With a stroke, the Army was now ordering halal combat ration packs.

And not just a few.

Although there are less than 100 Muslims in the 28,000 strong Australian Army, one third of all combat ration pack configurations must now be halal. That is, the meat in these ration packs must be sacrificed to Allah, who just happens to be the spiritual inspiration of our battlefield enemies.

Halal rations

One third of all ration pack configurations must be halal, even though less than one per cent of the Australian Army is Muslim.


The rationale behind this decision is detailed below:

“CRP [combat ration packs] should be designed to take account of the broad religious, ethnic, and cultural diversity of the ADF and alliance partners in aspects of food choices and their preparation and consumption.”

Obviously, ‘broad’ has been interpreted extremely broadly.

Captain Mona Shindy (of @navyislamic Twitter fame), the Chief of Navy (of fasting in solidarity with the Islamic community fame), the ADF’s new imam (of pro-Sharia law fame) and about 100 Muslims across the entire military have been ‘broadly’ interpreted to mean that there is a requirement for one third of all ration packs to be prepared in accordance with Islamic law.

And if they can’t eat them all, then I guess al Qaeda and the Islamic State must have been ‘broadly’ interpreted as ‘alliance partners’. No doubt the enemy will be pleased.

Soldiers, on the other hand, might not be so pleased.

They haven’t been asked at all about whether they want to go to war carrying rations that are specifically prepared to meet the needs of their enemy’s ideological dietary requirements. This is even though the Defence Force’s equity and diversity policy requires that people be consulted about the decisions that affect them.

At least this policy stipulated in 2013 that such ‘consultations’ occur. Now that the Australian Defence Force is advancing down the diversity path with a pathological zeal, this requirement appears to have been dumped.

Strangely enough, the same paragraph that trumpeted a requirement for religious diversity in the ADF’s pro-Sharia law ration pack document also mentioned the need for sufficient ration pack configurations to avoid ‘menu fatigue’.

I guess this explains why there were seven (out of eight) standard menus containing meat in 2007/08 and now, in 2016, there are only four.

That’s right. Just four.

Out of twelve menus.

The other eight menus on table are halal, kosher and vegetarian. This new diversity of menu helps to explain why the Department of Defence recently put its stamp on a document that complained about the high number of Anglo-Australian males serving this nation.

So much for diversity. There’s now a stipulation that soldiers must scoff down Sharia sandwiches.

All of this follows the appointment of an imam to the military who has publicly supported Hizb ut Tahrir and condemned laws that prohibit the advocation of terrorism on the basis that they infringe free speech.

It follows the revelation that the Guide to Religion and Belief in the Australian  Defence Force linked to an Islamic website that admonished Muslims not to join non-Muslim armies unless they could do things of benefit to the Islamic community, like obtain military secrets.

It follows news that more Muslims from Australia have signed up to fight for the Islamic State than the Australian Defence Force. Actually, to be fair, one of the first jihadis signed up for both.

And all of it has been an embarrassment for the Australian Defence Force.

So one does not need to be Einstein to work out where this is going, particularly as news reports of ‘halal’ ‘certification’ ‘charities’ coming under scrutiny for financial mismanagement are becoming all too frequent.

This will become another embarrassment for the Australian Defence Force. An embarrassment on top of the fact that it has buckled already and required one third of its ration packs to be halal.

An Islamic certifier has called for Sharia precincts on the Gold Coast and takes great delight in calling Australians who do not want to consume halal food, ‘bigots’.

One organisation has deliberately concealed funds it sent overseas and demanded that organisations provide Islamic prayer rooms in all premises to obtain certification. Another has also admitted to sending funds overseas.

Others have admitted to funding programs that promote Islam in Australia with funds raised from ordinary Australians.

One has lost its status as a charity for operating on a ‘for profit’ basis.

Another is currently entangled in embarrassing scandals as a result of the mismanagement of millions of taxpayer dollars. It may soon lose its charity status too. Its leaders have condemned the jail terms handed down to convicted terrorists.

Some Islamic charities have even been implicated in the funding of terrorism.

None of this even delves into whether these organisations support groups like Hizb ut Tahrir. Or worse. And some of them (or their bosses) are on the public record as defending an organisation that has called for an army to impose Sharia law in Australia.

At some point, this debacle is going to come back to bite the Australian Army.

But that’s the risk you take when you have a military more focused on force feeding Sharia law food to Aussie Diggers in order to tick a diversity box, than understanding the Sharia law basis of Islamic aggression against our nation.

If the Australian Defence Force is going to go to such extreme lengths to demonstrate ‘diversity’, it should not be surprised that it eventually alienates everybody. Except the enemy.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Wow, I cannot believe how many experts there are in here. I suppose it’s stupid of me to ask just what these experts are achieving with such unsubstantiated self righteous advice and politically opinionated drivel!?

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  2. Don’t know about Halal certified, but I think Bernard should be

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  3. While a young, innocent Infantryman in SVN in 1968, one of my mates, and older, much-experienced man-of-the-world explained to me that “if it tastes good, eat it”

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    • Dennis, there was nothing wrong with our rations packs then or now, so why the change “to appease a minority” as an ex-Digger I am disgusted that our new breed of Diggers have to put up with this PC crap. Not having a go at the quote of yours, I have eaten some bloody horrible things in my time, as an ex SASR Digger our dehydrated ration packs did not taste so good without tabasco, worceistershire sauce and other stuff thrown.

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  4. Irish Savant has just introduced us to Humza Yousaf who is (wait for it) the Scottish National Party’s minister for the EU.
    Saturday Feb 20 2016.
    “Cousins” charts Humza’s meteoric rise to a position where he represents Scotland on all matters European.

    “As you could imagine, poor Humza, despite his selfless devotion to the Scottish cause has sufferred terribly at the hands of racist bigots.”

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  5. as a soldier for 21 years I send this: call me a nutter, but I believe it.!!
    The ration debacle is but a side issue to the real problems facing western civilization at present.THE REAL PROBLEM IS LACK OF STRONG LEADERSHIP. There is no politician in the west with any guts. The current leaders are over educated ,with no life experience. They also know only to well that they will never bear the consequences of their gutless decisions. The current passive muslim invasion of europe is an example. To say that the muslim think tanks are to smart and ruthless for the weak western system is an understatement.They are playing with us !An old soldier recently said something like this.” ISLAM is a world wide terrorist group which attains its aims through terror,rape, torture,subjugation,killing of innocents, etc,WHILST POSING AS A RELIGION.”The Islamisation of Australia and the West is sadly a foregone conclusion. Better read the Koran and be prepared???

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    • Joni. The sooner we unite to fight this Monster called Treachery, the better.
      But we must UNITE.
      A wise man once said:” The power of the wicked only comes from the weakness
      of the “good”.
      Our real enemy is fear. We see the latter in our useless politicians; both male and
      female. Those above comments say it all:’ our ‘leaders’ have never known real hard work. What galls me is, that those who are going to suffer will be the defenceless. However,I do believe in a Time of Reckoning. So, Watch out you servants of PC. Your day will come.

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  6. This is Islamisation of the ADF is a very critical issue.

    Dr Paul Craig Roberts : Institute for Political Economy states that Washington is brewing a wider war in Syria. And he has his reasons for saying this.

    None of this reaches the controlled msm in Australia which still presents heart-rending images of Syrian refugee poster children. In fact over 90% of the ‘refugees’ streaming into Europe are men of military age, extremely fit, with mobile phones, in interviews many refer to their bank accounts. They are being paid to ‘migrate’?!

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  7. I’m a diabetic and yet there is no ration pack for diabetics. They are all full of sugar and hi Gi carbs. I have to go out and supplement my own food at my own expense because it’s too hard to supply through the system.

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    • HI – Im curious as you have said you have to go and supplement your own food as you can’t eat Army ration packs…does this mean you are still able to be in the Army as a diabetic even though they dont supply ration packs for you? Im only asking as I am in the process of being med discharged as I am Coeliac…even though I do not suffer most of the symptoms!

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  8. I recently got out of the Army after 7 years service.
    Approximately 4 years ago I was having a conversation with the chef from one of the soldiers mess. I asked him is anything served at this mess halal certified? He then told me that all Navy, RAAF and Army messes food is halal certified. I was pretty shocked and asken him why it was not at least advertised so we can make a choice (if there is one). He said he did not know and gave me a card of a navy officer.
    I sent that officer a letter requesting an explanation of why the Australian Defence Force feels the need to pay an extra tax for halal certification and why has no one that may eat in those messes been notified.
    I never received a response!
    You should definitely investigate further as we have all had the wool over our eyes for long enough!

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  9. So, the Deputy Chief of Army has signed off on this unAustralian, disgracefully insulting SOP….now, when a Digger is captured alive, or, not, the murdering jihadi moslems also get a feed…..FUBAR…..rescind this rotten deal now… wonder the retention rates for the ADF are on the slide….has any ex-Army member actually spotted a red tab eating ration pack issues in the field??

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  10. Our public servants are either insane or utterly lazy.

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  11. It is 100 per cent Biblically verifiably mortal sin utterly forbidden for any Christian, it is a absolutely forbidden sin, to consume any food or consumable thing, which is offered to or prayed over and dedicated to any foreign God but Yahweh/Hashem.

    Allah is the massively archaeologically proved moon god of mecca. Thousands of objects have been discovered throughout the entire mid east and africa dedicated to the crescent moon god allah.

    Despite the abomination of the devil’s lies, told to fool sadly uneducated in theology and Biblical truths, Jews and Christians, ( their god allah one of its 99 names is The Greatest of Deceivers- and we know that it is expressly identified in our Holy Bible at least 600 years before muhammad that it is Lucifer or Hillel, whom is identified as the greatest of deceivers therefore it cannot be the same god).

    We true Christians, must never consume halal foods, or any objects or items, dedicated to the greatest of deceivers allah, we are forbidden to purchase nor eat nor drink, any thing on earth prayed over, or dedicated in any way or processed in the specific way of halal. the symbol of islam is the crescent moon and its bizarre haj and other rituals, are based on the cycles of the moon and on close study, that’s undeniable.

    Truly alert and aware, well educated Christians and Jews, do not worship the same god of the arab” infidel” eg Non Christian or Non Judaic moon god allah.

    Allah is hillel, or Il El Lah, which for thousands of years worshipped in arabia and mecca ( pre islamic god which continues in islam, and this is proven) and in UR in Iraq.

    Christians who are intelligent and well versed in the Holy Bible, and who live by The one true word of OUR God Yaweh or Hashem of Israel’s The Bible, know it is the god allah who one of its names was the greatest of deceivers. The islamist god is not my god nor any true Christian or Jews God.

    It is not and never has been the same God of the Jews and Christians.

    I do not ever consume anything halal, it is so utterly mortal sin forbidden . It is an unforgivable sin to do so, islam is a foreign non Israel ideology, and absolutely archaeologically proven not an abrahamic one.

    It is clear by the spirit of that god allah is so diametrically opposed to the spirit of the God of Jews and Christians, its character of allah is nothing like the God of Jews and Christians. In fact if you look at archeological evidence found in thousands of artefacts on allah, it is a moon god of mecca married to sin the sun goddess, and has three daughters al manat, al lat, and al uzzah. The koran identifies allah the islamist god in the so called satanic verses who it really is. All the denials in the world trying to convert Jews and Christians to the other ideology of mecca, cannot change archeological records and findings right through arabia and africa. The archeological findings of thousands found stone artefacts and drawings confirm allah with crescent moon and on top of every mosque is a crescent moon. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar. Allah was the top god of the pantheon of meccan gods. Allah is not my god and never will be.

    I will not consume any halal food. My soul is too precious to do such a forbidden crime.

    As for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord Jesus Christ and Yahweh. I will never never worship allah. Not as long as I live will I ever consume such despicable, evil, killed meats or dedicated to allah foods.

    Halal meat is an abomination, and as a result of extreme cruelty, and barbarism, which must be banned for the inhumane, sadistically murdered cruel barbarity towards the cruelly murdered animals.

    I will never consume any food which has been prayed over or dedicated to the moon god allah not now nor ever. No one will ever convince me that allah is anything other than the crescent moon god as long as a star of saturn and the crescent moon is above every single moslem mosque.

    Ban all Halal , never consume it nor pay the infidel tax Jizya tax which halal taxes constitute on the gullible stupid uneducated Christians and Jews or non moslems.

    Christians, listen to me and refuse to consume or buy any Halal evil food , or you will lose your soul.

    Our God Yaweh /Jesus will find you guilty if you do consume anything dedicated to or in production along halal and you cannot fool our God Jesus. I will never be so foolish to consume such an abomination. Neither should you or your children if you fear for your souls.

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  12. How much is this certification costing the Australian Defense force? We all know that there is a high financial cost involved and it would be interesting to know that amount and where the money is going, to whom, what those organizations are, and where they are based? Just where is this country going, in spending all the money involved on so few a number in the forces when the money could be spent on front line equipment or on those returned service men and women who need help in readjusting back into society and from their experiences.

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  13. Is it just me or is the table you posted merely showing that 1/3 of available options are Halal? Who’s to say they order each of these items in equal quantity?

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    • Nice try but it doesn’t stack up. The Army has increased the menu options to prevent ‘menu fatigue’ but has reduced the number of standard menus from 7 to 4. There is a clear expectation that soldiers will be eating halal so that they don’t get to grumble about cold ‘Beef, Mince w/ Spaghetti’ every second day.

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      • Further to that, we now have rations that our enemies can eat as well. Well done the PC brigade once again sell us out.

  14. Bend over again Australia and let the Muslim community sit back and laugh at what a gutless government we have running the LUCKY country.
    I am scared of the Australia my children and grandchildren are going to be living in?

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  15. Why is it that we have to change things for them, the Muslims? instead of them changing things to our way of life, after all they came here for a Supposing better way of life and not change ours
    If they are not prepared to live as we do why come her, after all we would not be allowed to change thing to our way in the countries where they come from.

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    • I think if you asked yourself the question, why is it only the West that is doing this to itself, you may begin to understand what is happening and why it is happening.

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  16. Just how many wake up calls are needed to stir governments of either persuasions into action against the most vile and dangerous religion. We could see what was happening within our society and the perils of Islamisation that is now well ensconced in this country and overseas. Is not defence of our shores and safety of its citizens a prime duty of our elected officials? I sheet the blame wholly and solely on our weak-willed, pussy-footing UN kow-towing politicians in addition to those snivelling libertarians, bleeding hearts and that scourge of all societies, political correctness! Whether it’s ISIS, Moslem Brotherhood, Hamas or Boko Haram or any other fanatical Islamic group; it’s become nothing more than a cacophony of violent, insensitive killings and disparate voices vying with one another supposedly for a single, unified and divine community – the ummah, a citizen of Dar al-Islam whose social values and loyalty are predominantly above any other allegiance. To hell with our Judeo/Christian culture! Their evil religion and their despicable jihads or fatwahs do not belong here nor in any Western civilisation. As Debbie Schlussel (controversial American political commentator) once asked, “Just how long are we going to stay stupid? Answer: “until we look back and say, “All the signs were there, we just didn’t read them.” And these degenerates excuse their violent despicable acts in the name of Allah – what utter balderdash! All their stated ideals are empty and transient as their expression to follow the constitutional laws of this country or any Western country for that matter! They are totally unfeeling with their views of gender roles which verges on the misanthropic while posturing as shameless, wannabe revolutionaries. Unashamedly, our politicians have openly aided Muslim immigration and compromised our very culture our fighting forces paid dearly for their lives.
    Alas, we have been foisted with the perils of reckless multiculturalism and open borders far too long that they have reached critical mass. All we are seeing overseas and even in Australia are de facto Muslim microcosms that reject western values, society and legal systems. In these areas, non-Muslims are expected to conform to the dictates of fundamentalist Islam or face violent consequences.
    We’ve read and seen the appalling disasters perpetrated by extremist Muslims in Europe and the USA but even being fully aware of this knowledge, our politicians still want to sit on the fence and wait, and wait until it is, in my opinion, too late. Obviously our powers that be did not consider our civilisation worth defending so now we live in fear of sleeper cells, cowards with AK47s and suicide bombers that can paralyse a community at any stage.

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    • Col, very few politicians today have any life experience, work experience or what it is like to work 80 hours a week just to survive. They have become an elite who believe that they best know what is good for the rest of us – that is why they only listen in come voting time.

      But the whole problem goes beyond politics and is rooted in the money system that central Banks control.

      All these ‘free trade’ deals we are now signed onto will only benefit the corporations that the politicians are now beholden to.

      I could go on, but I think you may get the picture – perhaps you could view a Youtube doco called Zeitgeist – it is quite lengthy but well worth the watch and could tell you more in the two hours running time than the 15 years it has taken me to ‘wake up’ through research.

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  17. Halal (and the halal tax on Dar Al Harb) is a religious imperative, just like Kosher (and the kosher tax on the goyim) is a religious imperative. A pox on both of them and a pox on the tax.

    In both of these, the slaugher of the animal is done with stress positions and torture so that the meat will be charged with adrenaline. They have substituted torture for the hunt.

    Europeans have never found this type of thing acceptable. In Europe those who fought in warfare engaged in blood sports (hunting) and ate venison that had been hunted – that was how Europeans got their meat charged with adrenaline.

    Tree huggers and hay mowers and harvesters don’t need to eat this type of meat, but those who fight in wars do. They need natural hormone (steroid) support – not synthetic crapola. Europeans also harvested the endocrine organs and liver (to enhance human endocrine function) and preserved the endocrine organs like the thymus and the thyroid in brandy with the liver. Thus – pate was for the military elite – people who had to have enhanced endocrine function and endure the fatigues and demands of war – a lot of it with the Muslim invasions.

    Halal and Kosher meat tech isn’t as good as European meat tech, but at least we should see what they were doing and we should reject these because 1. it is the tech/tax of the enemies of Australia and 2. it is inferior to traditional European meat tech.

    Europe always had the best food tech since the time of the Legions. That’s the kind of food Australia should be producing and the ADF should be eating. To hell with Halal and to hell with Kosher and ESPECIALLY THE KOSHER TAX.

    I will bet you anything the Russians who are taking out the trash in Syria – that would be ISIS (the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service proxy army bought and paid for by the ZOGs) aren’t eating tofu made from round-up ready soy, sprouts, meat tech loaded with endocrine disruptive hormones like halal kebab and manufactured food with a lot of numbers and a big fat kosher K on it that the Russian Defense Dept has to pay for. In fact, Vladimir has banned GMOs from Russia.

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    • I lost you on your last paragraph. Saudi Arabia and the US fund and weaponize ISIS through Turkey, yet you blame the Israeli’s?

      Perhaps you could inform me of why Israel would be financing an Islamic rabble out to kill all the Jews they can get their hands on?

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      • Lynda is having problems with logic and reason.

      • 1.Lynda – what is the difference between HAMAS and ISIS? You are aware that HAMAS was ‘voted’ in by the so called ‘Palestinian people’?

        2. Why is Israel still situated mainly within the lands as proscribed by the United Nations in 1947, even after defeating militarily the Arabs from those lands the article you posted claims two prominent Jews spoke of ‘acquiring’ and well prior to Israel’s actually existence, so why did Israel with the entire Arab armies on the run in 1973 not take hold of their lands as all conquering armies have done since time immemorial?

        3. Why have the so called ‘Palestinian people’ walked away from gaining their own state three (3) times over the past seventy (70)years?

        4. Who are the only people who dig tunnels in order to kidnap Israeli citizens for either using as barter to have released their own criminals locked up in Israel jails or torture and then then murder their captives for the sheer pleasure of it?

        5. Who are the only people who train their children from the age of two years (both genders) to kill Jews and Christians? You can watch that on Palestinian TV.

        6. Who are the only people who hand out sweets while dancing in the streets every time a prominent Westerner or Israeli or numbers of them are murdered?

        I could go on, but I believe you have my reasons for not participating in promoting a people who live under a charter (HAMAS Charter) of destroying Israel and everything within it. You see this middle east problem is really about a humanitarian country (Israel) that cares deeply for humanity (even those who are trying to kill them) while their enemies have no humanity in their treatment for the Jew.

        Factsheet : Jewish Terrorism Under the British Mandate
        USS Liberty Memorial
        The Americans know.
        The English Trans in pdf of Alexandr Solzhenitzen’s banned masterpiece on the Russian Revolution 1917 which in Russia is called ‘The Jewish Revolution’

        You need to seriously get this information Terence. Because the Americans know.
        Jim Traficant and the Zionist Deception
        True American Hero, former US Congressman Jim Traficant

        And BTW no one is asking you to support Hamas.

      • Lynda, you choose to put up more youtube propaganda while ignoring the relevance of the questions I have put to you.

        I don’t wish to watch your propaganda, I would like you to put into your own words why you believe what you do.

        My questions are based on historically recorded fact, not some youtube propaganda designed to blind the gullible or some article full of the author’s own biases and bigotry.

        You say; ‘The Americans know’. Who knows? Those who have pushed us toward the New World Order? Do you honestly believe that what we are now fighting is the sole responsibility of one particular ethnicity? Truly, do you?

        And do you also believe that the brutality shown toward Israeli citizens going about their day to day lives by the so called ‘Palestinians’ is part and parcel of their lives because of who they are and what you believe they represent based on the lies that are spun by some really, really nasty people?

        So where does that leave you in all of that with your own bigotry against a people who truly have done nothing to deserve your angst.

        ‘And BTW no one is asking you to support HAMAS’?

        Have you even bothered to look up the HAMAS charter? Or is it a case of don’t bother you with the facts as your mind is already made up?

      • Terence, I am not going to bother with reading the HAMAS charter any more than you are going to bother with reading the references I supplied in answer to your question/s – none of which were relevant to my post anyway.

        I look through my post in vain for anything that relates to the HAMAS charter. Is this your code, perhaps, for the eternal victims and their eternal victim schtick?

        Reading between the lines, the answer is yes. And so I will address that.

        I am politically incorrect. But even more so, I am SEMITICALLY incorrect. I think the Jews are entitled to clean air, pure water and fair criticism. However, their notion that as a collective noun they are above criticism or even comment by the goyim is not an idea to which I defer.

        I have no pietas toward the holocau$t religion of the West to which the goyim must pay homage and indeed I am atheistic toward it. I disagree with Pope John Paul II that Auschwitz is the “Golgotha of the modern world.”

        I am not moved by the dire needs of the great grandchildren of the holocau$t who inherited the chromosome for holocau$t survivor sufferring and now – most pitifully – must cope with the PSTD of their pet shih tzus in their airconditioned Tel Aviv apartments.

        I do not think the German nation should pay one more reparation Deutschmark for this crap.

        My father, a WWII pilot, indeed witnessed the holocaust of Germany from the air – the great hellstorms of Berlin and Hamburg – hellstorm bombings of European cities initiated by the Zionist warlord: Churchill, the same who sent the ANZACs onto the high ground of the Turkish guns at Galipoli, the same who surrendered Fortress Singapore and the ADF leaving the way open for the invasion of Australia by imperial Japan.

        The history of the conquest of Palestine under the British Mandate by the Ashkenazi Jews ( a Khazarian people of the Caucasus) is one of the most brutal chapters in the twentieth century – but not as bad as the Jewish Bolshevik Revolution in Russia [financed by their Wall St banks]. This was the genocide of over 50 million White Russians (Solzhenitsyn’s estimate) with cruelties and atrocities on a scale that defy comprehension. Solzhenitsyn wrote about this in Two Hundred Years Together (at last) available in English

        The Yinon Plan for Greater Israel has nothing to do with any HAMAS charter. Nor is it on youtube. Why not acquaint yourself with it? It is an Israeli document.

        I don’t care, Terence, if you think the apple of g_dz eyeballs won the eternal victim suffering sweepstakes of all time and now they are now entitled to ‘mow the grass’ in Gaza because of some charter.

        Since Vlad has pounded their IS proxies they are drinking their own kool-aid now in Syria. Mazel tov.

        The Americans know. They seriously get it. They ha cam by the braes of Killiecrnkie and yes – now they are very cantie-o. Still the best song ever written against The Crown.

      • Let’s put it this way Terence, what was required for the taking of Seville was the Islamic invasion and the Gates of Seville to be opened from the inside.

        In both the US and Australia, the gats are being opened from the inside.

  18. A good friend of mine was med discharged from the army due yo not being able to eat wheat products.
    The rationale behind his forced med discharge was there were no ration pack options available to suit his condition.
    Sad really when veg,vegan, halal are really choices.

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  19. What about the rights of all our service men and women to choose to eat food that HAS NOT been KILLED INHUMANELY. While it seems to be everyone’s priority to ensure people can elect to eat Halal certified, the rights of the vast majority to elect to eat meat products from humanely killed animals is forgotten – as are the rights of our animals. Watch a Halal killing of an animal on youtube and you will see why it is important that people are given this choice. We are ignoring the majority and ignoring animal welfare to appease a minority who kill animals in a sickeningly cruel manner in the name of a religion – a religion that by the way creates and fosters cruel killers of humans and animals alike. Shame on the ADF. Of all organisations, I thought this would be the one that would have the courage – COURAGE – to defend the Australian values they fought so hard to protect in the last more than 100 years.

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    • It’s hard to believe the hierarchy of the ADF can be so stupid as to have so much halal certified for such a minority.
      What did they eat before and who is paying for the certification?

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  20. Good work! More light shone on the ‘cockroaches’ who renege on their duty to protect the taxpayer whose taxes go toward keeping them in their well paid positions is more than welcomed by me.

    As an ex-solder, ex-policeman it has been a long journey in exposing the darkness that has now descended on this country, from within and from without.

    It can be a very frustrating thing to become aware of the treachery that becomes apparent when we take the time to open our eyes and ears to the insidious Western agenda, an agenda controlled via the ‘United Nations’ that many who are unaware of actively take part in, while those who control know exactly what it is that they are doing.

    How does one get those who are clueless in what they are being used for to wake up?

    How does one educate those who have been indoctrinated into believing that all cultures are equal and so therefore, all cultures aspire to the same ideals. How do you get them over that great big fat lie?

    Well, the simple answer is that you cannot convince those who have become ‘useful idiots’ to take up what it is that you or I have grown to learn. They must learn to figure that out for themselves.

    The political elite may think that their social engineering will make us more ‘flexible’ to their long term agenda, but real social change comes from the bottom up, never from the top down, and so it becomes incumbent on those of us who are now aware of the treachery being practised to expose it where ever it is found.

    You’re a legend already Bernard!

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  21. It`s in my opinion, and i am no racist. But from a smart and logical perceptive absolutely no Australians of non Anglo Saxon heritage should even be on our defense force period. It seems the idiots who have implemented Halal meal idea has forgotten the real risk of the potential spy’s amount these minorities. Pull your heads out of the clouds, idiots. I can think of no simpler way of describing such lunacy!

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    • About your comment of only having people of Anglo-Saxon heritage serving in the ADF, I’d like to point out that our indigenous people have served in our forces for a long time & played active roles in the wars. So, it is not JUST Anglo-Saxon people but also our indigenous population who should be there – but they should exclude anyone & everyone who is a follower of the Islamic faith!

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  22. The goal of the international ruling elite and their political agents who have to front the schmo-screen (the politicians) have decided upon ‘diversity’, ‘multi-culturalism’ for Western nations – read nations with a large White, post Christian demographic.

    “Imagine there’s not countries – it’s easy if you try”.
    Nationalism, esp the nationalism of you have British people and so they have a nation state type of nationalism is a big NO NO in the NWO.

    To that end, the demographic that is problematic for the international ruling elite is now being imported into Europe by the politicians. Europeans protesting the invasion: rapes, new laws favouring invaders, police searches of homes to assess suitability for ‘migrant’ occupation, gangs, fights etc – these are the people who are being targeted by police actions.

    So it follows that the public institutions must be diversified. Pork is now being banned in the German schools.

    The people who are being targeted by both the invading army of Muslims and their political class for ‘diversity’ and diminution (Dhimmitude) are going to start fighting back with pork by insisting upon it as a national German right. Heil Schnitzel.

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    • The time has come for Australians to stand up and be counted. The next elections are fast approaching and we need to stand together and tell our so called leaders enough is enough.There is an alternative party to vote for , and the sooner we have some real leaders at the helm the sooner we get our country back. I have read and seen so much PC bullshit that it beggars belief. This country of ours has been the envy of the world, made so by those of us who have served her well. Forget PC and let all people who wish to make this place their home, that they have to inter-grate. If something in our country offends them , then they are in the wrong country, and should make haste to leave, or be deported at their own expense. Don’t try to change our laws and regulations, we have lived happily with them for years. If something in our country is not to your liking then you don’t belong here. I have served my country for 36 years and I do not intend to let it go to a minority group of ideologists. Wake up Australia or else we will be bashing our foreheads on the ground, like it or not.

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  23. I simply do not understand where the mastermind in Australia resides who continues to undermine our way of life and our culture. There has to be a department somewhere tasked with the job of destroying us and all we have made of this country. Its just a relentless campaign without end and its wrong, very wrong. From Islamic violence and division to men trying to be women and Christians forced to eat the food dedicated to a false god. Our schools are being reprogrammed for the minority while any comment about anything results in being called a bigot and a racist. Who is doing this? Who is it that shows no respect for we the people. Australia will end as a truly free country and one of tolerance because the pendulum has swung far to far and now our democracy and free speech is being removed bit by bit. These are indeed the end days.

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    • I am sure there is a mastermind behind all this. iN FACT THE MASTER MIND IS WORLD WIDE.The world is accepting muslim values everywhere, and common sense and justice just flies out of the window;;

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    • WHY ?, WHY ? indeed !. This is a disgrace ! To pander at these lengths for a questionable minority element in our Armed Services will be seen as an act of submission to Islam. Who in Gods name puts this stuff together and promotes it without consultation and even more abhorrent are those appeasers who sign of on it. Bloody UnAustralian and another expense added to the cost of Islamic appeasement to the detriment of all others.

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    • For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,but against principalities,against powers,against the rulers of darkness of this world,against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12

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      • Psalm 2 sums this up! Christians are now fair game, while the Islamic “god”
        is the favourite of World Governments.
        So, for all the “Allah worshippers”

    • It’s the UN compliance and the Arab $$$ dictating our way of life now, that’s why Tony Abbott and Steven Harper (Canada) were ousted.

      Hopefully, things will turn around at the next election with ALA on board, and that the election will be above board and not rigged in any way!

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  24. More and more I become afraid for Australia/ns as our Government are turning a blind eye and treading on dangerous ground, but for what? We are not the Middle East, we are not a Muslim Country, so why are our politicians pandering to this evil ideology, when their Laws, culture, and their behaviour tell all else they will never integrate, assimilate but have a set agenda to take over, and they have the money to do it too! Look to Europe and the devastation they have caused! God help us all!

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    • Pauline, God helps those who help themselves. We must stand up and be counted as the good against this evil cult.

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  25. According to the Sharia law:

    • Theft is punishable by amputation of the right hand (above).
    • Criticizing or denying any part of the Quran is punishable by death.
    • Criticizing or denying Muhammad is a prophet is punishable by death.
    • Criticizing or denying Allah, the moon god of Islam is punishable by death.
    • A Muslim who becomes a non-Muslim is punishable by death.
    • A non-Muslim who leads a Muslim away from Islam is punishable by death.
    • A non-Muslim man who marries a Muslim woman is punishable by death.
    • A man can marry an infant girl and consummate the marriage when she is 9 years old.
    • Girls’ clitoris should be cut (per Muhammad’s words in Book 41, Kitab Al-Adab, Hadith 5251).
    • A woman can have 1 husband, but a man can have up to 4 wives; Muhammad can have more.
    • A man can unilaterally divorce his wife but a woman needs her husband’s consent to divorce.
    • A man can beat his wife for insubordination.
    • Testimonies of four male witnesses are required to prove rape against a woman.
    • A woman who has been raped cannot testify in court against her rapist(s).
    • A woman’s testimony in court, allowed only in property cases, carries half the weight of a man’s.
    • A female heir inherits half of what a male heir inherits.
    • A woman cannot drive a car, as it leads to fitnah (upheaval).
    • A woman cannot speak alone to a man who is not her husband or relative.
    • Meat to be eaten must come from animals that have been sacrificed to Allah – i.e., be Halal.
    • Muslims should engage in Taqiyya and lie to non-Muslims to advance Islam.

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    • Defense figures published recently stated that there were only 2 Muslim personnel combat ready and the other 90 odd were in service support areas and are unlikely to ever require ration packs so why have 30% halal ration packs.
      Secondly if Muslims refuse to eat non-halal food why are we all being forced to eat halal food – Were are our rights – As we are a significantly christian country why are we being forced to eat product slaughtered in sacrifice to a “God” we do not believe in. So hypocritical.

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      • What is the government doing sponsoring a religion, any religion?

      • Clive, all governments now heed the United Nations Human Rights Charter which is a ploy that allows them to completely bypass the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution that Whitlam changed to the Australian Constitution which illegally nulls the contract of the original (1901)constitution between the people (The Commonwealth) and the Monarchy. Government was meant to represent the people’s interests under the original constitution, but that interest has now been usurped by Whitlam’s Australia Act of 1974.

        Many are still clueless as to how we the people were shafted By Whitlam.

      • Because we have whimps running this good country.

        Let’s pray hard for MORE. Bernard Gaynors!

    • Well I never thought this Government would stoop so low as to apply this ridiculous concept to the ration packs. What is next? Prayer time three times a day while on patrol (what about during a contact?). Surely somehow this decision can be reversed?
      Might I suggest unite the ex service community for help, contact the RSL, VVAA, VVF, AATTV Ass, RARA etc. I’m sure the Government can be embarrassed into rescinding this idiotic program. From a pissed off Vietnam Veteran.

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    • I am currently a serving member of the Australian army over 50% of the members of our unit have changed our religion to Asatru in reaction to the Army changing the rations to Halal certified. As we now identify ourselves as Asastu we cannot eat food that has been blessed by another God. This way we don’t have to worry about being issued the Halal food without fear of punishment. There are now about 150 of us in Randwick and Howlsorthy

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