Going gaga for Allah

This is the latest recruiting advertisement for the British Army:

The ‘Old World’ is dying. It might have nurtured our civilisation but it is now facilitating its downfall.

Australia can choose to follow this path to madness. Or it can be truly ‘independent’ and protect the now threatened light of civilisation.

Going by current advertisements for our own Defence Force, it appears that our politicians are happy to be lemmings and follow Europe off a cliff:

Devout Muslim Navy3

Indeed, as I point out in my detailed submission to the Religious Freedom Review, the Australian Defence Force has even admitted that it has a policy of protecting Islam while allowing vilification against Christians. This was written in a Defence report in April 2013:

“If a uniformed member were to support a gathering that insulted strongly held beliefs of a religion other than Christianity (to use his example, vilifying Islam with ‘Mohammed is Gay’ signs vs the ‘Jesus is Gay’ signs in the Mardi Gras) that member would be severely dealt with. In the case of the Mardi Gras, the opposite occurred.”

You can sign the submission rejecting Sharia law and calling for the protection of our Christian values and heritage here.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Can you imagine just how long you would last if you were a commander going into battle against terrorists with a platoon of them behind you ??

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  2. Islam considers Muslims to be superior to all non Muslims. Islam means Submission. They do not plan to assimilate but to dominate. They are using Multiculturalism and our anti-discrimination laws against us, and so many people seem blind to what is going on. At the moment the rainbow people seem to be their bed fellows. Wake up Australia, time is fast running out.

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  3. I agree with all the above comments. This is a disaster in the making. When push comes to shove where will the enlisted Islamists allegiance lie?

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  4. Someone should have shouted ‘incoming’. Also I note no one in the patrol was maintaining watch.

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  5. Struggles for equality is a trend as old as time and throughout the 50’s to current generations we have experienced these struggles for change. Notwithstanding, the current trend for change in Gay Rights, Indigenous people rights are matters that significantly do not alter the cohesion of society, social norms overall and matters of ancestry, naturally given that appropriate legal protection for Free Speech and Religious Freedom for Christian Values and all non Islamic religions are in place. Sadly, we see that Islam for some mystical reason has a greater voice with our law makers and is able to demand that Islam is introduced into every facet of Australian society and must not be challenged in any form for doing so. Discrimination, Bigotry, Sedition, Social Disorder, Secularism, does not apply to Islam and their leaders. Muslims can excite, terrorise, demand special consideration for a number of matters from welfare to changes in social norms without fear of sanctions legally or socially. Muslims have not and will not due to their Doctrine assimilate into western democratic life, their doctrine does not allow them to succumb to any law or life style other than Islam yet we in the West bow to their will which to them is a sign of weakness and surrender. For the EU, UK and the USA the only road to survival maybe a Crusade which unlike the Crusades of the 12th Century takes a position of Silent Majority Power through Church, Religious Initiations, Socially Just Media, Law Enforcement and Army Forces support both at the communication and resources level. Australia must have a Plan B if passive actions fail to convince those in power that their doctrine of support for Islam is a program of destruction of our Nation State.

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  6. The greatest enemy our defence forces are facing lies within its own ranks, it is the higher echelons of command that are behind the insidious policies now being introduced that will ultimately lead to the demoralisation and breakdown of the forces under their command.In times of war they would be the subject of treason charges, why should it be any different in so called peace times.
    Is training and equipping a potential enemy a valid tactical policy, is the provision of prostitutes and sex workers a good moral choice ( what next, any Army prostitution regiment ? )

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  7. To take a page from Sun Tzu,,, Appeasement Equals Surrender. Islam has declared war on Australia by both statement and actions.At the moment it is winning every fight and unless we act decisively,and soon, we will lose the battle, and our country, and the way of life that our forebearers fought and died for.

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  8. The threatened light of civilisation is the light of Christ and the old Christendom. The post Christian nations of Europe do not want the light of Christ so now they are going to get something else. And that something else is an Islamic society with a multicultural middle management governed by the Judaic supremacy.

    The Lord Jesus Christ, our King, will reign until all his enemies are under his feet and this arrangement looks to be the next one down. And it will go down like the Titanic in due course.

    We do not want Australia going down with it.

    Here in Australia the population does not get or even tolerate discussion of religion or religious issues as such. This falls into the category of ‘pushing it down my throat’, Bible thumping, God bothering etc. They will not care a fig if Christianity is ‘discriminated’ against. And the enemies of Christ and Australia get this.

    What Australians do care about is basic fairness. The section from the ADF report 2013 deserves wide exposure. They are so confident of their policies they have committed to print their double standards.

    Islam being ‘pushed down our throats’ by the political elite and Australian institutions is a discussion that the Church should be prepared to lead – even without reference to Christianity being discriminated against ( I mean that is basically a given).

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  9. I cannot understand,how enrolling the enemy into our armed forces,protects us !
    These people are following Sharia teachings , and it would mean fighting other Moslems!

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    • Alinta the Muslims have been fighting each other for thousands of years the Christians don’t do a bad job of fighting each other as well. I guess though that in the video the Muslim praying had better pick a good safe place to pray otherwise he may get an AK round up his backside.

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  10. Never submit to sharia law, or any form of compliance, with this soulless cult! ??

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  11. This is insanity. Aside from anything else One set pf laws for everyone applies here. There are no exceptions. Especially in such a vital area as defense, policing etc.

    During the wars and fighting in Afghanistan, did the Jihadist down their weapons to the call to prayer ?

    Nobody walking across a battlefield is going to stop for prayer while they are fighting, and make themselves a target. But then, they have often used prayer times for targeting groups.

    Why is everyone blindly allowing this passive aggressive takeover by stealth ? No wonder the Jihadists are pushing, and feeling that Mohamad is on their side, the world seems to be bowing to their every whim and need. Halal certification rorts, with billions being paid for nothing, a massive blackmail scheme. Seemingly supported by various world goverments. Being able to say what they like about everyone else, but no one can say anything about them without upsetting Allah, or and being sued. Groups in Europe and some ares in Australia choosing to have prayer time right in the street in the middle of traffic, exerting their passive will over everyone else’s rights. Some photos you see, there is a park or public space in the background, why not use that? Why, Because it does not cause disruption and show their believed superiority. The way the world is bending to their needs, it is no wonder they feel they have been guided to ‘victory’ !

    No other group, or religion would get away with this crap! Pandering to this behaviour , is NOT compassionate, tolerant or inclusive! It IS blindness to being manipulated, so called political correctness. It is the wishes of a minority being asserted over the majority, it is the world’s compassion and inclusiveness being used against us.

    Wake up countries. One law, for all your people!

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    • Where is the anti discrimination act that is supposed to take care of this one sided islamic invasion force???

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