Who didn’t see this coming?

In case you haven’t noticed, in the post-marriage equality world the war is raging on.

Just take the fact that the AFL women’s comp is now staging a ‘Pride Game’.

Ironically by 2020 it will probably be played entirely by men.

It was launched a few days ago with these words:

You know we had a massive break through with marriage equality but we sorta can’t stop there. We just have to keep pushing…

Pushing for what?

Well that would be the total eradication of traditional Christian-based belief. The ‘Yes’ campaign’s submission for to the Religious Freedom Review is described this way by Fairfax media:

Religious schools should be forced to hire LGBTI teachers and all church exemptions to anti-discrimination law should be abolished, the “yes” campaign has told Philip Ruddock’s religious freedom inquiry.

And this is what the actual submission recommends:

Religious exemptions in state and federal anti-discrimination law should be repealed. In particular, the exemptions should not allow discrimination in publicly funded delivery of goods and services, and particularly those services targeting vulnerable population groups…

The pro-homosexual marriage lobby groups haven’t shut down. They are only just gearing up. In their sights are parents, Catholic schools and ordinary Australians who may dare to disagree on marriage.

And if you didn’t see this coming then you have had your head in the sand…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. If you want to have the ‘right’ to discriminate on religious grounds then give up the ‘right’ not to pay tax. Choose one or the other!!!

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    • Nice try but we already pay tax…

      Good to see you letting your inane hatred show.

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    • This is a nonsense argument. You don’t have the right not to pay taxes. Parents who send their children to Christian Schools have every right to expect that their teachers’ values line up with Christian principles.

      Christians must take a stand against humanists and atheists who have nothing to offer except a desire to destroy our heritage.

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    • Andrew Barton,
      Your comment simply oozes the “love is love” kind of love.

      The LGBTIQA+ party demands taxpayer funding from an overstressed health system to treat the cost of STDs and medical problems caused by their deviant yet voluntary sexual behaviour, for example: HIV, HPV, syphilis, throat cancer, anal cancer, gonorrhoea, herpes, genital warts, and faecal inconticence, to name but a few.

      Why should Australian taxpayers fork out $1,200 per patient per month for PReP, to spare “gay” men the cost of condoms, or absolve them from any need for partner minimisation and self-control? Why should Australians have to pay for IVF, surrogacy, adoption services, and falsified legal documents (birth and marriage certificates), so that two “gay” men can pretend they’ve made a baby all by themselves?

      Why should Australian parents pay taxes to fund “Respectful Relationnships” that teaches primary children that being a boy or a girl is only a feeling; and “Safe Schools” programs, which lies to students that sodomy is as normal and healthy as natural sexual intercourse? Safe Schools also teaches masturbation and “sex toys” as the “safer option” as they don’t cause pregnancy — would taxpayers have to fund a Lucky Lungs program which taught “smoking toys” and e-cigarettes as the “safer option”, as they don’t cause lung cancer?

      “Anti-discrimination” ultimately means removing discrimination between health and disease, right and wrong, truth and lies, good and evil, and life and death.

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      • Well said!

      • Well said, Ghost Who Walks!

      • Well said.

  2. Political Correctness leads too enslavement of all to follow Satan (being led astray) History proves that Political Correctness was a major driving force behind enslaving all under Communist and the Nazis and without this highly cunning form of brainwashing that works on dictating to the people, them two Satanic bastards would never of got off the ground as to even get too power in the first place.

    Sadly you can not question the PC bastards for fear of being persecuted and Christianity is openly under full on attack Nowadays and Priest are frighten to preach Jesus Christ openly in depth, even Pope Frances never mentions Jesus Christ ever, but only says god and openly rejects Bible facts that Jesus said.

    The Devils works are truly a work of cunning, just like the Serpent that twisted what was said so as to mislead the true point, so to does modern day Serpents play on the gullibility works of Man, as if Mans works are above the Holy Spirit. such is a recipe for disaster like the Golden Calf worship.

    Hog worship allows you to do what ever you like but we will reap what we sow, degenerates are never to be looked up to and they are not an equal.

    Our PC cultural Marxism is all about empowering the lowest denominator and this is how a small group of truly evil political peoples intent is to get control of a Nation.

    No one needs to be dictated to and certainly not by degenerates coming the heavy.

    Marriage is between a Man and a Woman end of story and anything less is blasphemy in fact, as the Bible says about the days that this being corrupted are of Satan’s workings.
    I say one can have a partnership union but don’t bastardise the word Marriage because it’s a Sacrament and I know that bogans don’t comprehend the difference and nor do they care what they do, it’s like throwing pearls before swine’s and all they will do is try attack you, for they are ignorant degenerate fools who reject the Holy Spirit, for their enslavement of depravity and claiming to be equal, when in fact they are truly not, but the truth is not in them, as PC doctrine openly rejects the ‘truth’ and the Bible warning of such are of Satan.

    The Truth shall set you free, but a living a lie only enslaves people, I know it’s harsh to them who can not handle the truth, but it’s 2018 now and people should of been Wiser now, but sadly most don’t even comprehend history or mans Sin nature, so they are lost for a start, just dolts with no foundations worthy of virtue, just as dogs feeding off their base nature and nothing much more than that.

    No we Christians have the right not to be equally yoked with the slaves of Satan, like in Egypt and Holy Moses came to set such free from that bondage to become a people of God and Jesus Christ came to give Grace over the Law and now the dolts who are enslaved to Sin want to get rid of Grace for the letter of the Law and rule with an iron rod, or much like a mongrel dog over all with standover tactics and cunning to miss lead all.

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  3. The AFL like the NRL, Qantas, Subway, Lush, Tennis Australia and the Daniel Andrews government, to name a few are token lapdogs ?

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  4. Any LGBT teachers for Islamic schools?

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    • Only for the high-rise schools!

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    • ??? yes why are they not trying to force their way into the Islamic schools

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